In a previous time, Nophkeh the Demon Warlock arose to end a time of peace and prosperity. His armies laid low the the great Elven Magocracy and the lands were rent by blood and fire. From the ashes of war arose the Lands of the Warlords, the many generals of Nophkeh who fell to fighting over his conquered lands. For generations these Warlords and their descendants ruled over savage realms until the coming of the Empire of the Dwarves. From the south they marched and once more brought peace and stability to the lands.

Time has passed and the fires of war begin to darken the horizon once more. But, worse than that, the name of Nophkeh is whispered once more on the lips of those in power as word spreads that the demon warlock has risen from the grave to destroy the lands of dwarves.

Will this be another time of chaos? Or can heroes prevent the Rise of the Warlock King?

Adventure Awaits!

Rise of the Warlock King

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