The city of Chadras has grown up around the small independent trade village that hosted the Council of Chadras. Since those days, the town (and then city) has become known as a centre of learning and now boasts the two largest colleges in the Empire of the Dwarves, being The Chadras College, often known simply as The College, and The College of Applied Wizardry.

Magus Phineas Vale is the current local lord of Chadras and is mostly concerned with maintaining the dignity and reputation of the city’s two colleges. He is an alumni of both institutions and is, perhaps, a little too involved in the running of the The College of Applied Wizardry.

By tradition, Chadras is always governed by someone who has graduated form at least one of the colleges of Chadras and they are mad Magus upon their appointment (if they weren’t already so titled).

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