Character Creation

Character creation follows the basic guidelines set out in True 20 Adventure Roleplaying. For ease of reference you can see the basic steps you need to follow below.

Step 1: Allocate your ability scores. You have 6 points to divide amongst your ability scores and they all start at +0. You may choose to lower 1 ability to -1 in exchange for gaining an extra 1 point to allocate.
Step 2: Choose a racial and a descriptive background. These form the basis for who your character is, or at least who they were before we started roleplaying. Partly this is inherited and partly this is learned, hence the two separate backgrounds. At this stage you should also note down what languages your character knows.
Step 3: Choose a role. These tell us what your character can, or would like to, do. Different roles have different capabilities and abilities, particularly in regards to power usage and combat ability.
Step 4: Choose Skills according to your Role. You may already have some skills from your background. Cool. These show us all exactly what your character knows how to do. Your role will tell you how many skills you get to select at 1st level (usually something like 4 + Intelligence). All of these skills receive 4 ranks.
Step 5: Choose Feats and/or Powers according to your Role. These are the cool things characters know how to do that aren’t covered by skills. Using weapons, shaping elemental fire, tracking animals and mentally communicating with your companion are all covered by these. Aside from feats/powers given to you by your background, you will have 4 to choose at 1st level. Of these you may have to use use some for any role specialisations you have chosen.
Step 6: Choose your Nature. The Nature trait is a roleplaying aid that help us to define what kind of moral problems the character may find themselves in as time goes on. These in turn allow you to regain spent Conviction.
Step 7: Description. What does the character look like? These are the brief vital statistics that help bring the character to life. Eye colour, hair colour, height, weight, gender… name. At this stage you could also review the character creations questions I wrote up for the First Cycle.
Step 8: Purchase Gear. This is the stuff your character carries around with them to do all the cool adventuring things they want to do. Food, grappling hook, horse, spear and magic helmet. All the essentials.

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Character Creation

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