Dragon Hunters

The Dragon Hunters were a band of arcane magic wielding knights who hunted down dangerous monsters (not just dragons) and destroyed them to make the Elven Magocracy safer.

They wore silvery chain mail and carried enchanted weapons with which to battle their quarry. Each full knight had their own special coat of arms, depicting valorous deeds they had undertaken and monsters they had vanquished.

Ultimately their success was their own undoing. They had cleared the dangerous monsters (or at least most of them) from the lands and so the Council of Wizards began to worry about a fully armed and armoured military force wandering the countryside with nothing to do. The knights had mastery of some mighty magic and they were a very dangerous and powerful group. The Council feared that should the Dragon Hunters wish to seize control of the land, no-one would be able to stop them.

So the Council of Wizards decreed the Dragon Hunters “unneccessary”. They issued each and every Dragon Hunter with a parcel of land (mostly on the borders and in the wilderness areas of the Elven Magocracy) and told them to go and enjoy their retirement.

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Dragon Hunters

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