Feats may be chosen from any of the following sources: True20 Adventure Roleplaying, True20 Adept’s Handbook, True20 Expert’s Handbook and True20 Warrior’s Handbook. This increases your choices of feats by several hundred, but try not to feel overwhelmed by choice. Many of these feats will not be what you are looking for. Try to keep in mind what you would like your character to be able to do and selecting feats won’t be difficult.

Altered Feats

The following feats have been altered in some (small) way for use in this campaign.

  • Night Vision – Add requirement “Background Only Feat”.

Barred Feats

Any feats that are applicable in only a modern setting are barred from use (mainly for their lack of useful application). We will take a common sense approach to this and just assume that a useless feat is barred without me listing any and all such feats. If in doubt, ask the GM and he’ll be able to say if the feat is available or not.

Basically, if a feat can be used in a fantastical historical setting, then it won’t be barred from use.

Note: Some feats also require the use of specific optional rules that are not being utilised in this campaign (such as the “Free Attack” rule in True20 Warrior’s Handbook). These feats are also barred (since they would, by definition, now be useless).


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