The northern capital of the Empire of the Dwarves, situated on the shore of the Great Lake.

In the days following the assassination of Nophkeh, the Warlord Benang marched on Feneris and conquered it making it the capital of his nation. He immediately reinforced the city walls and set about improving the existing city, moves that eventually earned him the respect of the people he had conquered. In time, the people of Feneris came to fully support the Warlord Benang, seeing how much better he was than so many of the other Warlords.

Although a city with a long history, Feneris is also a thriving modern city. The city boasts the largest docks on the Great Lake, allowing a veritable fleet of fishing vessels to set out each day before dawn. These are then able to bring in more than enough fish to keep the city fed. The nearby Luchrez Salt Mine then allows for the excess fish to be salted (those that aren’t smoked) and traded to other cities.

For that matter, the Luchrez Salt Mine is one of the main reasons for the continued economic growth and stability of Feneris. Having such a vast and stable source of salt has made the city into a northern powerhouse.

Aside from fish, the city is also supplied with foods from local farms (vegetables and meats) and breweries (ales and meads). Wines and other food goods are imported from elsewhere in the Empire.


The city is governed by Grand Duke Derek Longaxe, but he is beholden to the Feneris Council of Merchants.

Grand Duke Derek Longaxe makes his residence in the Feneris Palace, which was constructed by Warlord Benang to be his home some centuries ago. Beneath the Feneris Palace lies the extensive Crypts of the Kings of Benang, constructed to hold generations of Kings for the Kingdom of Benang. It was never even half filled before the coming of the Empire of the Dwarves.

The Great Library

The city used to be home to the Great Library of Feneris, the largest centre of knowledge and learning in the northern Empire, until it mysteriously burned down in 107 IY. At that time most records, texts, tomes and manuscripts that had been located within the library were lost. Many of these were irreplaceable.

The Great Temple of Pelor


There is an ancient temple of Pelor, known as The Great Temple of Pelor, situated in Feneris, filling a small rocky island that lies a short ways into the lake. This temple is a marvel of engineering that has lasted through war, fire and even the coming of the Temple of the Mind.

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