Gnome Forest

In the depths of the Gnome Forest

The Gnome Forest stretches away to the south west of the Horned Hills. It is a wild, untamed, overgrown forest, with thick undergrowth covering ancient ruins from the times before the Elven Magocracy (the mythical Age of Gnomes). The depths of the forest are a haven for a number of strange, monstrous creatures that are no longer found in the lands of the Empire of the Dwarves.

The gladewarden gnomes call these forests their ancestral home, even though many of them have never walked the hidden paths of Ghalles or listened to the murmuring trees of memory.

The depths of the Gnome Forest are well known for their exotic plants and fungus that grow there. These are used to create a wide variety of dyes and inks in Havris, the city of colours.

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Gnome Forest

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