The following sections contain a brief overview of what happened during the major events of recent history in the campaign world.

Age of Gnomes
Ancient Qeth
Elven Magocracy
Nophkeh the Demon Warlock
Lands of the Warlords
Kingdom of the Dwarves
Empire of the Dwarves


YM = Year of the Magocracy. YW = Year of the Warlords. IY = Imperial Year.

Year – Event

  • 464 YM – The Dragon Hunters, having done their job too well, are sent into retirement.
  • 571 YM – Nophkeh rises with his armies, the Elven Magocracy is brought down.
  • 582 YM – Nophkeh is betrayed by the Warlord Benang and is slain. The Warlord Benang then immediately makes for, and seizes, Feneris.
  • 583 YM – Following a (very) brief period of peaceful confusion, the various Warlords of Nophkeh begin fighting amongst themselves for dominion over his conquered lands.
  • 585 YM – The Kingdom of the Dwarves is founded.
  • 597 YM – The Council of Chadras is held (in Chadras). This became known as the first Year of the Warlords. (1 YW)
  • 142 YW – The Wars of Empire begin.
  • 175 YW – The Wars of Empire officially end and the Empire of the Dwarves is first named as such. This year also became known as the first Imperial Year. (1 IY)
  • 43 IY – A treacherous trade delegation from the Sultanate of the Hobgoblins arrives at the gates of Havris. Knowing this to be just a filthy hobgoblin trap, the entire delegation is slaughtered outside the walls of the city on orders from the Emperor.
  • 107 IY – The Great Library of Feneris burns down.
  • 140 IY – Speaker Lenarr Frostblood is infamously expelled from the Temple of the Mind.
  • 168 IY – The Battle of Three Horn Rise takes place. Imperial forces are utterly defeated in their push to capture the Slaughter Hills.
  • 175 IY – Edris Mallin discovers rock seal oil to be just as useful as sea wyrm oil. The rise of Nornskar begins.
  • 183 IY – Assassination of Emperor Joneth by a veiled hobgoblin.
  • 211 IY – Present day.


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