Imperial Northern Rangers

This is a group of warriors who patrol through the northern border regions of the Empire of the Dwarves. They are skilled in wilderness lore and skirmish fighting. They aim to keep dangerous animal numbers in check, to keep an eye on unruly humanoids (orcs and goblins, but also ogres) and to act as agents of the Emperor’s Justice (they act under Imperial decree).

The Imperial Northern Rangers (INR) maintain Hospices in each of the cities of the Elven Highlands. These Hospices are fortified structures that serve as headquarters, hospital and armoury for the entire INR.


  • Lanarell: Zentoun Fortress, an old fortress that was taken over by the Imperial Northern Rangers to be used as their base in Lanarell.
  • Respite: Respite Hospice, a simple fronted fortress in the centre of Respite. Most of this fortress is subterranean, including their water supply.
  • Trolskjor: Grey Keep, the newest hospice. Grey Keep has been taken over after Trolskjor Hospice proved to be no longer suitable for the purposes of the Imperial Northern Rangers.
    • Trolskjor Hospice is an aging building that was once the Imperial Northern Ranger hospice in Trolskjor (hence the name). It is currently being refitted to be used as an armoury by Trolskjor town guard.

Members of Note

Ranger-Lieutenant Dene Fellwillow is a middle aged elven woman who has lived her whole life in and around the Elven Highlands. She joined the Imperial Northern Rangers (INR) when she was quite young (lying about her age to join when she was only 14!) and has served them exceedingly well for many years. Through this time she has slowly risen through the ranks to become Ranger-Lieutenant, a high ranking position for a woman or an elf (let alone an elven woman) and second only to the Imperial-Ranger in rank within the INR.

Ranks within the Organisation

Each rank within the INR has an insignia, which is worn on their shoulders. This makes different ranks easy to spot at a distance.

  1. Imperial-Ranger: The leader of the INR who is beholden to the word of the Emperor and no-one else. The Imperial-Ranger is usually to be found in one of the INR Hospices in Lanarell, Respite or Trolskjor.
  2. Ranger-Lieutenant: There are three levels of Ranger-Lieutenant, (1 Arrow though to 3 Arrows).
    • 1 Arrow, displayed vertically (point upwards)
    • 2 Arrows, crossed (points upwards)
    • 3 Arrows, 1 vertical being crossed by the other two (points upwards)
  3. Ranger-Commander: This rank is used only for the officers in charge of each of the hospices (so there are only 3 Ranger-Commanders). Within the walls of their hospice a Ranger-Commander outranks a Ranger-Lieutenant.
  4. Ranger-Captain: There are three levels of Ranger-Captain
    • 1 Blade, vertical (point up)
    • 2 Blades, both vertical (one point up, one point down)
    • 3 Blades, all vertical (outer two point down, middle point up)
  5. Ranger-Sergeant: There are three levels of Ranger-Sergeant
    • 1st Class (or just Ranger-Sergeant), a filled circle
    • 2nd Class, two filled circles next to each other horizontally
    • 3rd Class, three filled circles making an equilateral triangle (point up)
  6. Ranger-Scout: There are two levels of Ranger-Scout
    • 1st Class (or just Ranger-Scout), strung bow lying horizontal (curve up)
    • 2nd Class, strung bow and arrow crossed like a ‘x’
  7. Ranger
  8. Woodsman: These are the Rangers in training and this rank is only held by the greenest of recruits. Many recruits never hold this rank, as they come to the INR with considerable life experience.

Medals and Commendations

Campaign Medal: Denoting campaign’s served in, awarded after a campaign’s completion.
The Crown: represented by a small, stitched, gold crown over insignia of rank. This commendation shows that the individual’s exploits have been recognised by the Emperor (or his representative).
Iron Arrow: Awarded for bravery in the field. Worn horizontally beneath rank.
Silver Arrow: Awarded for exceptional bravery in the field. Worn horizontally beneath rank.
Golden Arrow: Awarded for very exceptional bravery in the field. Usually awarded posthumously. Would be worn horizontally beneath rank.

Game rule notes: The Benefit (INR Rank) feat indicates that the character has achieved at least Ranger-Captain rank within the INR. Only officers of at least this rank have any real power (and hence “benefit”) outside of the INR.

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Imperial Northern Rangers

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