Lanarell is the centre of the wool trade in the northern Empire. A great trade market is held once a year in the low fields surrounding the city; farmers and merchants come to buy and sell wool and livestock, while others come to trade a variety of goods also.

Duchess Janice Alvenwoad is the local ruler. She encourages trade and keeps a wary eye to the borders against raiders or worse.

Places of note in Lanarell:

  • The Braying Donkey: a middling inn situated in the north half of the city. Frequented by travellers.
  • The Cartography Shoppe: a small business situated on the road leading up to the Vanellian Gate, just near the Market Square. The shop is crowded with maps, scrolls, books, scroll cases, leather, parchment, paper, quills and ink bottles (of various colours). The shopkeeper, Erim Sirram, is a courteous fellow who can easily get caught up talking about his maps and the past.
  • The Grey Hood: a shady tavern situated near the Oldoak Gate in the southern half of the city. Ale and wine are plentiful here, as are games of dice and cards. Meals are also available, but they are only eaten by the truly desperate. Geel Stonefist is known to frequent this establishment.
  • The Silver Crest: the finest inn in all of Lanarell, situated near the centre of the city overlooking the river (on the north bank, of course).
  • Zentoun Fortress: local headquarters of the Imperial Northern Rangers in Lanarell. This fortress has its own moat and water supply. It is situated in the north half of the city, but is practically an independent entity.

People of note in Lanarell:

  • Altous the Wizard: runs a small wizardry business out of his two storey home in central Lanarell. He lives near the river.

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