Lands of the Warlords

This was a period that began with the splintering of Nophkeh the Demon Warlock’s army. Each Warlord led his followers against his former comrades and against the existing settled lands in a grab for power.

For over a decade bloody battles were fought for length and breadth of the land, except in the town of Betrayal, and it seemed that before long the whole world would be quenched in blood and fire. But war cannot last forever, not when the cost becomes more than anyone can afford.

A council was held between the surviving Warlords at the town of Chadras, know as the Council of Chadras, where they agreed to a cessation of hostilities between themselves.

At this time they formed the six Lands of the Warlords, each named after the Warlord whose armies held the region at the time of the Council. These Lands were: Benang, Fesch, Gharest, Kaster, Soon and Zaggik.

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Lands of the Warlords

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