Low Plains

A view of the Low Plains

These plains stretch from the Dwarf Home Inlet in the south to the Squalid Marsh, the Orc Blade Hills and the Dream Woods in the north. Numerous minor cities and settlements can be found scattered through this plain, with most of the inhabitants being low plains humans.

The Low Plains are largely covered in farmland, with human (as well as dwarven, elven, gnomish and sometimes halfling) farmers growing grains and vegtables to keep the Empire of the Dwarves fed.

Orchards and vineyards are rare in this region (being far more common in the Traitor’s Plain and Horned Hills), so this region is not known for its wines. Hops, however, grow well in parts of the Low Plains, and many of the regional ales are quite highly thought of. By those who drink ale.

Settlements on the Low Plains

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Low Plains

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