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The following two sections contain links to information that is either in-game (stuff for your characters to know) or meta-game (stuff for the players to know). Sometimes this information may overlap.

In-game Information

Culture: Things that make shape the lives of people in the current world.
Geography: Geographical features that make up the current world.
History: A brief look at the events that helped form the current world.
Politics: The known political entities in the current world.

Meta-game Information

Character Creation: Information needed for character creation.
Skills: Notes on changes to Skills.
Feats: Notes on changes to Feats.
Powers: Notes on changes to Powers.
Gear: Notes on changes to available equipment.
Other Considerations: Miscellaneous other considerations.
Common Creatures: A short list of some of the more commonly encountered creatures of this campaign setting.
Magic Items: A short, but growing, list of magic items that the characters have encountered.

Links & Other Resources

I’ve found a couple of neat looking web resources (which of course means that they are 100% accurate in every sense) that give details on medieval life. Now, as this is a fantasy setting, things are going to be a little different to how things were in medieval Europe, but there is still some good reading there.

Medieval – A simple site with some good info.
Middle Ages – This site has heaps of pages. I’ve only read a couple of the entries, but it looked ok.
Bitesize History? – This simple site is aimed at teenagers I guess. It’s set up as revision, but it manages to be able to get across a whole heap of information about medieval life (in England) really simply. Fun and informative!

Main Page

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