Nophkeh the Demon Warlock

Nophkeh the Demon Warlock was once a simple sorcerer who, legend states, was denied the right to stand for office within the Elven Magocracy. He was thwarted and belittled for his “unnatural” magical gift (as sorcery was viewed within the Magocracy). In anger Nophkeh went into the wilderness and was lost for many years. He was forgotten.

When he resurfaced he was no longer a “simple sorcerer”. He had sought out and found a demonic patron who had elevated him to being a Warlock of significant strength. He had gathered to him those people, from both within and without the Elven Magocracy, who had reasons to hate the elven wizards and he had formed a mighty army. The Magocracy had long since grown complacent towards physical threats, knowing that the magic of their wizards could deal with any threat. Nophkeh disabused them of this notion.

City after glistening city fell to the armies of the Demon Warlock and the piles of dead grew large. Every adult captured by Nophkeh’s armies was given the chance of joining his cause (and many did, to their great dismay), in whatever capacity best suited their skills. Smiths and craftsmen were put to work keeping the armies supplied, theirs was the best fate. Those who would be warriors were tasked with killing one in four of those who had refused to join Nophkeh (by a variety of imaginative and gruesome methods). Children were taken away for either slavery or re-education, while the old were often simply slaughtered.

Young women, particularly pretty ones, were never given a choice. They were always taken to the local sex tents to service the army. Many did not survive this fate. They may have been the lucky ones.

Soon cities would empty at the first sign of Nophkeh’s armies approaching their walls, the citizens fleeing for safety in every direction. The Demon Warlock’s victory was assured.

But then, for a reason lost to the mists of time, the human Warlord Benang assassinated Nophkeh and attempted to seize control of the armies. At this the armies splintered, each choosing to follow their own Warlord. Within a few short years the threat of Nophkeh had arisen and then disappeared, only to be replaced by over a dozen well-trained and experienced armies, each fighting for their own piece of land. Thus began the time of the Lands of the Warlords.

Nophkeh the Demon Warlock

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