Old Gods

From the days of the Elven Magocracy (and probably before then) the peoples of these lands have worshipped their traditional deities, who are now referred to as the Old Gods within the Empire of the Dwarves.

Worshipping the Entire Pantheon

Most clerics these days, as well as most people who still worship the Old Gods, worship the entire pantheon, paying respect to each god or goddess as is necessary. There are still those who worship one specific deity to the exclusion of all others, but these are by far the exception rathe than being the rule.

Barred Natures: None.
Required Feat or Power: Any one feat/power of one of the individual gods (see entries below).

List of Old Gods

Clerics of the Old Gods

Novice – Someone training to be a priest of the Old Gods. They may lead some worship ceremonies, but they are usually under the guidance of a specific Cleric or Priest.

Cleric – Clerics are the religious leaders of small temples and shrines. They teach and guide their flock, lending spiritual (and magical) aid when appropriate.

Priest/Priestess – Priests/Priestesses are the religious leaders of temples. They are like Clerics, but they have larger congregations and more political power. Specific deity cults don’t have this rank.

High Priest/ High Priestess – These are the religious leaders of the Old God religion. There are three general High Priests/Priestesses of the Old Gods. Each deity cult also has their own High Priest/Priestess.

Specific Deity Cults

Each deity has their own Cult of worship. Clerics of these cults worship a single god (the deity of the cult) and no other. These cults are dwindling things, as each of the Old Gods has only a little of relevance to most people (while as a pantheon they still have a lot of relevance to many people).

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Old Gods

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