Other Religions


Little is known about the fahrman at all, yet from little has been learned they seem to worship a deity that they call The Huntress.


Hobgoblin culture is generally a mystery within the Empire, but small amounts of information have been learned over the years. Knowledge of their general religious practices, for instance, have been brought to the Empire by horned slave takers (and escaped slaves) over the years.

Hobgoblins venerate a deity that they refer to as The One. The One seems to be a god of many things.

Hobgoblins also venerate (or placate) the Thirteen Spirits. Whatever these might be.


Marshlings, despite living within the Empire, continue to practice their ancient dragon-based ancestor worship. They venerate the long dead dragons of legend and entreat them to endow them with strength to smash their enemies and strong scales to resist their enemies’ attacks. Or something like that.

No-one from the Empire as ever made a serious study of marshling religion.

Draconic Mysteries

Some kobolds and (all) dragonmen (and supposedly dragons) follow the ancient dragon religious traditions known as the Draconic Mysteries. These are mystic beliefs that are strongly tied into reincarnation and ultimate transcendence (or, “being reborn as a dragon”, in other words). Little is known about the Draconic Mysteries as most texts were destroyed when the elven dragon slayers hunted down the dragons centuries ago.

Orcs, Goblins and others

Orcs, goblins, giants (including ogres), (some) kobolds and most other humanoid races (that is, those that don’t have a specific entry of their own in this section) all worship the Old Gods. The only difference between the worship practices of these people and those within the Empire is that these races tend to focus on worshipping one or two deities to the exclusion of all others. For example, orcs worship Gruumsh while those kobolds who don’t follow the Draconic Mysteries worship Kurtulmak.

Cult of the Spider Goddess

There are debased creatures, Spider Cultists, who devote their lives to the return of the long forgotten Spider Goddess. This dark, demonic goddess’ name has long been lost even to her most devout followers (due in no small part to the extensive efforts of the elven clerics during the days of the Elven Magocracy to eradicate all record of her), but her twisted followers still persevere.

The Cult of the Spider Goddess is rumoured to have a large, secret temple hidden somewhere in the Dream Woods.

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Other Religions

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