Rivers of the Empire

Rivers in the Empire of the Dwarves are typically named after a prominent settlement that they travel through, or prominent settlements are named after rivers that they are built on the banks of.

Rivers of Note within the Empire:

  • Gormskir River,
  • Lanarell River, which runs out of the Frost Mountains through Lanarell and across the plains until it joins with the Vanellian River (see below). The river is navigable for most of its length, only becoming too rough near its origin (and then again after it joins the Vanellian River).
  • The River of Songs, which runs through Feylin, and through the grounds of the Feylin College. It is no more musical than any other river, but it has had far more songs written about it than any other.
  • The River of Tears, see Vanellian River.
  • Vanellian River, which runs out of the Elven Highlands through Respite and across the plains to where it is joined by the Lanarell River at Vanellian. It then continues to flow down to the Great Lake, through Feneris. The Vanellian River is navigable from Respite on downriver, but is plagued by shallow rocky water upriver from that town. The Vanellian River is sometimes known as the River of Tears, but this is a more archaic name.

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Rivers of the Empire

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