Sorcerers learn to wield vast amounts of pure arcane magic through meditation and inner reflection. Unlike the book learning of Wizards, or even the star-gazing of Tattooed Mystics, this method learning arcane magic requires little other than intense drive and an insatiable appetite for magic.

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Old Sorcerer Role

Skill Progression: 4 + Int
Feat Access: Adept and General.
Starting Feats: 1 Sorcerer Feat (2nd), 1 Power (1st), plus 2 others.
Sorcerer Feats: Empower, Familiar, Iron Will, Quicken Power, Widen Power. Sorcerer Feats help define what kind of Sorcerer the character is. Characters are able to take more than one of these feats, but they must take at least one of them at 1st level. (For a list of possible Familiars, click here.)
Core Ability: The Talent – The Sorcerer can spend a Conviction point to make one use of a supernatural power they do not possess. This works much like spending a Conviction point to emulate a feat. An adept with the Talent can also spend a Conviction point to eliminate any accumulated modifiers to fatigue saving throws for using powers.
Key Ability: Charisma.
Available Powers: Apport (T20, p.57), Awe (TAH, p.32), Binding (TAH, p.32), Blink (T20, p.57), Bliss (T20, p.59), Body Control (T20, p.59), Calm (T20, p.60), Cold Shaping (T20, p.60), Combat Sense (T20, p.60), Command Undead (TAH, p.35), Confusion (TAH, p.35), Create Equipment (TAH, p.36), Deflection (TAH, p.37), Dispel (TAH, p.37), Dominate (T20, p.61), Drain Vitality (T20, p.61), Earth Shaping (T20, p.61), Elemental Aura (T20, p.62), Elemental Blast (T20, p.62), Elemental Resistance (T20, p.62), Elemental Weapon (T20, p.62), Enhance Ability (T20, p.63), Enhance Other (T20, p.63), Enhance Senses (T20, p.63), Fire Shaping (T20, p.63), Flesh Shaping (T20, p.63), Ghost Touch (T20, p.64), Heart Reading (T20, p.64), Heart Shaping (T20, p.64), Illusion (T20, p.64), Imbue Unlife (T20, p.65), Levitate (TAH, p.43), Light Shaping (T20, p.65), Mana Blast (TAH, p.44), Manipulate Object (T20, p.66), Mind Probe (T20, p.66), Mind Reading (T20, p.66), Mind Shaping (T20, p.66), Mind Touch (T20, p.67), Move Object (T20, p.67), Other-Shaping (TAH, p.46), Pain (T20, p.68), Phase (T20, p.68), Psychic Reflection (T20, p.69), Psychic Shield (T20, p.69), Psychic Trap (T20, p.70), Scrying (T20, p.70), Second Sight (T20, p.70), Self-Shaping (T20, p.71), Severance (T20, p.71), Shadow Walk (TAH, p.49), Sleep (T20, p.71), Sorcerer’s Grasp (TAH, p.50), Suggestion (T20, p.71), Summon Elemental (TAH, p.51), Summon Outsider (TAH, p.51), Supernatural Speed (T20, p.72), Supernatural Strike (T20, p.72), Supernatural Weapon (T20, p.72), Teleport (T20, p.72), Transmutation (TAH, p.54), Truth-Reading (T20, p.72), Visions (T20, p.72), Ward (T20, p.73), Water Breathing (TAH, p.55), Water Shaping (T20, p.73), Weather Shaping (T20, p.73), Wind Shaping (T20, p.74), Wind Walk (T20, p.74).

Level Combat Fort Save Reflex Save Will Save Reputation Feats/Powers Power Rank Save Difficulty
1st +0 +0 +0 +2 +1 Sorcerer Feat, Power, +2 4 10 + Cha
2nd +1 +0 +0 +3 +1 1 5 11 + Cha
3rd +1 +1 +1 +3 +1 1 6 11 + Cha
4th +2 +1 +1 +4 +2 1 7 12 + Cha
5th +2 +1 +1 +4 +2 1 8 12 + Cha

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