Squalid Marsh

A fog shrouded view of the Squalid Marsh

The Squalid Marsh is a cold, dreary, dismal place. Several rivers feed into this marshland, keeping it perpetually sodden. Islands of dry, firm ground emerge from the predominantly still water; areas that might contain a few stunted trees. Swarms of biting insects and clouds of foul smelling gases are an ever present hazard; the insects can be ignored, but sometimes the gases can explode from exposure to naked flames.

The marsh is home to marshlings, lizard-like humanoid creatures that are quite savage and hostile. They have only a couple of crude settlements though, as their numbers have been drastically whittled down over the years.

There are rumours that the Band of Shadows maintains a fortified castle within the confines of the marsh, but if this true then no member of the Band has stepped forward to verify this.

Locations in the Squalid Marsh

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Squalid Marsh

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