Trayal is named for the great event that earned the Traitor’s Plain its name: the betrayal and assassination of Nophkeh the Demon Warlock.

Originally, during the time of Lands of the Warlords, this city was a small town where mercenary bands would gather when they weren’t currently employed. Even then the town was know for its plentiful wine and ale (and women).

Thus the town of Betrayal was never conquered by any Warlord.

Later the city of Trayal would be the last stop off point for many armies fleeing from the advancing dwarven army. Once again the remote city would make a fortune from war, but this time it would not remain independent.

Today, Trayal boasts the largest Guild House (which is more of a Guild Castle) of the Company of Blades. The Guildmaster, or First Blade, of the Company is Yurin Greenbow, an elf with an enormous amount of influence within Trayal and the the wider Empire.

Count Corith Brough is the current ruler of Trayal, having recently replaced his father (the late Count Runnard Brough).

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