Trolskjor was built on the ruins of an Elven Magocracy era town. It has high, strong walls to defend against ogre raids and the citizenry all train in the use of spears and crossbows.

Count Elim Slatebeard is the local ruler. He was given the task of defending Trolskjor after the previous Count (Count Raim Skellin) proved himself to be cowardly, inept and corrupt. Under Count Skellin, the walls of Trolskjor were maintained by his cousin, Merrit Skellin, who was heavily in debt to the Band of Shadows and was using the funds for maintain the wall to pay off his debts (and incur new ones at the same time). Count Skellin knew of this, but did nothing to stop it. Everything came to a head when part of the wall gave way during an ogre raid, collapsing and killing several citizens aside from allowing ogres to enter the city. In the aftermath of this disaster Merrit Skellin was executed and Raim Skellin was stripped of his titles and holdings.

Since being appointed, Count Slatebeard has strengthened the walls of Trolskjor and has begun trying to eradicate the influence of the Band of Shadows within his lands.

Places of note in Trolskjor:

  • Grey Keep: has been taken over after Trolskjor Hospice proved to be no longer suitable for the purposes of the Imperial Northern Rangers.
  • Trolskjor Hospice: is an aging building that was once the Imperial Northern Ranger hospice in Trolskjor (hence the name). It is currently being refitted to be used as an armoury by Trolskjor town guard.

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