Wars of Empire

“Let our arm of peace extend to the north and quell the warlike ways of our neighbours. Let this endeavor be known as the end of strife and the beginning of a new golden age for all our lands!” – King Sortha, on the commencement of war against the Warlord Kings.

The armies of the Kingdom of the Dwarves marched forth with their “arm of peace” held high, holding a battleaxe of “don’t argue with us”. Despite their lack of experience in large scale warfare, the superior discipline and training of the dwarves saw them in good stead and within a short period of time they were winning decisive victories against their northern neighbours.

Field Marshall Rothil Stoutblade led the armies of the dwarves throughout all of the campaigns (being quite elderly by the end). Losses were few, with only one major defeat. By the end of the Wars of Empire, which lasted for 30 years, the Empire of the Dwarves had been created.

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Wars of Empire

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