The wizard channels arcane magic that he learns to control through extensively studying lore and theory. Books and studying are the hallmarks of a good wizard.

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Old Wizard Role

Skill Progression: 5 + Int
Feat Access: Adept and General.
Starting Feats: Imbue Item (2nd), Any 1 Power (1st), plus 2 others.
Core Ability: Lore – When making a Knowledge skill check, you can spend a point of Conviction and automatically treat your die roll as a 20.
Key Ability: Intelligence.
Available Powers: Apport (T20, p.57), Awe (TAH, p.32), Binding (TAH, p.32), Blink (T20, p.57), Bliss (T20, p.59), Body Control (T20, p.59), Calm (T20, p.60), Cold Shaping (T20, p.60), Combat Sense (T20, p.60), Command Undead (TAH, p.35), Confusion (TAH, p.35), Create Equipment (TAH, p.36), Deflection (TAH, p.37), Dispel (TAH, p.37), Dominate (T20, p.61), Drain Vitality (T20, p.61), Earth Shaping (T20, p.61), Elemental Aura (T20, p.62), Elemental Blast (T20, p.62), Elemental Resistance (T20, p.62), Elemental Weapon (T20, p.62), Enhance Ability (T20, p.63), Enhance Other (T20, p.63), Enhance Senses (T20, p.63), Fire Shaping (T20, p.63), Flesh Shaping (T20, p.63), Ghost Touch (T20, p.64), Heart Reading (T20, p.64), Heart Shaping (T20, p.64), Illusion (T20, p.64), Imbue Unlife (T20, p.65), Levitate (TAH, p.43), Light Shaping (T20, p.65), Mana Blast (TAH, p.44), Manipulate Object (T20, p.66), Mind Probe (T20, p.66), Mind Reading (T20, p.66), Mind Shaping (T20, p.66), Mind Touch (T20, p.67), Move Object (T20, p.67), Other-Shaping (TAH, p.46), Pain (T20, p.68), Phase (T20, p.68), Psychic Reflection (T20, p.69), Psychic Shield (T20, p.69), Psychic Trap (T20, p.70), Scrying (T20, p.70), Second Sight (T20, p.70), Self-Shaping (T20, p.71), Severance (T20, p.71), Shadow Walk (TAH, p.49), Sleep (T20, p.71), Sorcerer’s Grasp (TAH, p.50), Suggestion (T20, p.71), Summon Elemental (TAH, p.51), Summon Outsider (TAH, p.51), Supernatural Speed (T20, p.72), Supernatural Strike (T20, p.72), Supernatural Weapon (T20, p.72), Teleport (T20, p.72), Transmutation (TAH, p.54), Truth-Reading (T20, p.72), Visions (T20, p.72), Ward (T20, p.73), Water Breathing (TAH, p.55), Water Shaping (T20, p.73), Weather Shaping (T20, p.73), Wind Shaping (T20, p.74), Wind Walk (T20, p.74).

Alternate Role Names: Some Wizards may be known by the following titles: Abjurers (those who specialise in defensive of banishment magic), Conjurers (those who specialise in summoning magic), Diviners (those who specialise in divination magic), Enchanters (those who specialise in enhancement magic, or creating magic items), Evokers (those who specialise in creation magic), Illusionists (those who specialise in illusion magic), Necromancers (those who specialise in death magic and the undead) or Transmuters (those who specialise in magic that changes things).

Level Combat Fort Save Reflex Save Will Save Reputation Feats/Powers Power Rank Save Difficulty
1st +0 +0 +0 +2 +1 Imbue Item, Power, +2 3 10 + Int
2nd +1 +0 +0 +3 +1 1 3 10 + Int
3rd +1 +1 +1 +3 +1 1 4 11 + Int
4th +2 +1 +1 +4 +2 2 5 11 + Int
5th +2 +1 +1 +4 +2 1 5 11 + Int

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