Pelor is the god of the sun and his title is the Shining One. Pelor is the creator of many good things, a supporter of those in need and an adversary of all that is evil. He is the most commonly worshipped deity amongst ordinary humans and his priests are well received wherever they go. Rangers and bards are found among his worshippers. The mace is his favoured weapon.

Barred Natures: Virtue: Humble; Vice: Insensitive.
Required Feat or Power: Purifying Light [Power].

The Great Temple of Pelor


There is an ancient temple of Pelor, known as The Great Temple of Pelor, situated in Feneris, filling a small rocky island that lies a short ways into the lake. This temple is a marvel of engineering that has lasted through war, fire and even the coming of the Temple of the Mind.

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