Rannon's Hill

History: Named for Rannon Two-Axe who, after he retired from fighting in the Warlord’s army, became an explorer and eventually a farmer. He discovered, or at least named, the hill where he would build his hut, which would eventually become his family house. His descendants, the Twoaxe family, are still strong members of the Rannon’s Hill community.

Geography: Rannon’s Hill is an orchard village. Several large orchards dominate the village and everyone in the village is involved in the growing, caring for or processing of the apples and pears that are grown there. The orchards are situated on the Hill (Rannon’s Hill) itself, along the north and west sides. The east and south sides of the hill are covered in a number of houses. Farms (grains and vegetables) dominate the rest of the cleared land.

Locations of Note:

  • Hillbottom Tavern, this is the only tavern in the village. It sells ale and wine to the locals, as well as bowls of nourishing stew to the hungry. It is situated at the bottom of the hill, down the road from the Manor.
  • Twoaxe Manor, the large manor house at the top of the Hill that the rest of the town has been built around. A small stable is nearby for the Twoaxe’s horses.
  • Shrine to the Old Gods, this is a large shrine that predates the existence of Twoaxe Manor. Each of the Old Gods is represented on the shrine and it is tended by a couple of priests and their novices.
  • Rannon’s Hill Barracks, a small barracks and armoury for the local militia, which is pretty much every adult in the village. It is stocked with spears, battleaxes, light crossbows, bolts, studded leather armour and wooden shields. It is kept locked at all times and the key is kept by Sheriff Arvel Zannis.
  • The Stable, this small stable is maintained by the township. The horses that are kept here belong to the town as a whole.

People of Note:

  • Mayor Jhon Twoaxe, the latest in a line of Twoaxes to be “elected” mayor of Rannon’s Hill.
  • Sheriff Arvel Zannis, a retired half-elf caravan guard. Arvel moved to Rannon’s Hill to become a farmer, but soon ended up being the new Sheriff instead (on account of the previous Sheriff being killed by a bandit).
  • Marigold Fairweather, elf proprietor of the Hillbottom Tavern. She’s been running it since her husband passed away a few years ago and will probably pass it on to her children once they’ve come of age.
  • Gost Blackjaw, half-orc hunter, trapper and woodsman. Trades game meat for goods in town. Has a hut off the hill and was initially distrusted, but has lived in Rannon’s Hill for 15 years now and has become a local.
  • Cleric Lodin, human priest of the Old Gods and chief tender of the Shrine in Rannon’s Hill.
  • Cleric Susan, human priestess of the Old Gods and teacher of the children of Rannon’s Hill. She runs a school most afternoons and has taught the locals to read and write (as well as a little of the outside world).
  • Derrin Ironarm, the dwarf blacksmith of Rannon’s Hill. He came to the area 30 years ago, possibly on the run from the law, and took odd jobs around town until finally convincing the previous blacksmith to take him as apprentice. He soon proved that he was already a capable blacksmith himself and for a decade Rannon’s Hill was a village with 2 blacksmiths! For the last 20 years Derrin has been the only blacksmith in town. Whatever his past was, he makes sure to never mention it. He has made a new life for himself in Rannon’s Hill. He was one of the first to treat Gost Blackjaw as anything except a wandering half-orc.
  • Ranger-Scout Selinda Goldenleaf, an elf Imperial Northern Ranger who is often based out of Rannon’s Hill. She spends more time in the wilds than in the village, but the villagers feel safer knowing she’s around.

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Rannon's Hill

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