The original settlement of Respite was founded by refugee elves following the sacking of the Elven Magocracy. The original settlement was in a secluded valley and was a welcome place of safety from the ravages of Nophkeh the Demon Warlock.

Today the city of Respite straddles the River of Tears. It is a regional centre for the entire Elven Highlands region.

Travel between Respite and Feneris is typically conducted by river boat to Vanellian and then either river boat or carriage to Feneris.

The city, due to its long history as a refuge and a place of safety, takes great pride in the strength of the city walls and the general defensiveness of the city. The city has both an inner wall (surrounding the older parts of the city, this is the original city wall) and an outer wall (a taller, newer wall that surrounds most of the city). Both walls are thick (varying between 15 and 25 feet in thickness) and are pierced by only a couple of gates each. The outer wall also has river gates, which include sturdy metal bars that extend down beneath the surface of the water and necessitate the river to be thoroughly dredged twice a year.

Parts of the inner city of Respite are tunneled directly into the bedrock of Haln’s Hill (which is now covered completely by the old city), creating cool stone passageways and secret rooms far from the surface. Rumours speak of a secret entrance to the city through these deep passageways, but they may just be fanciful rumours.

Respite is ruled by Duchess Ralisone Brightstar, one of the few elves in the Empire of the Dwarves who can reliably trace her ancestry back to the days of the Elven Magocracy. She comes from a long line of wise sorcerers who have seen to the well being of those in their care before even their own safety. Legend speaks of Thuos and Galvar Brightstar (brothers) alone holding a city gate against the ravaging armies of Nophkeh, allowing thousands of elves and humans (and half-elves) to flee to the Elven Highlands. The brothers died, but they bought life and freedom for so many others.

Places of Note in Respite:

  • Respite Hospice: a simple fronted fortress in the centre of Respite. Most of this fortress is subterranean, including their water supply.

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