Temple of the Mind

The Empire of the Dwarves allows the worship of all the old gods, but strongly encourages its citizens to join the Temple of the Mind, which is a philosophical school of psions and psychic warriors.

The Temple of the Mind is a way of life, not a religion. Students of the Way of the Temple of the Mind are encouraged to better themselves intellectually, to seek a greater understanding of life and the world around them and to ultimately unlock the hidden psionic power of their own minds.

Some people go to their local Temple to read, meditate and enter into debates. Through study, self reflection and intellectual interaction they are exercising the minds with the ultimate goal of manifesting psionic ability. This may sound a little odd, but it has worked for so many that many others a willing to give it a go. The people who follow the way in this manner inevitably end up becoming a part of the hierarchy of the Temple of the Mind.

Most others, however, follow the way of the Temple of the Mind not to gain psionic ability, but rather to improve themselves. The Temple encourages study and learning; thinking and reflection; peace and serenity. Many find these concepts appealing.



Seekers are those who have started their training, their Learning, in the Ways of the Temple of the Mind. Some of these might already be psionically active, but they haven’t progressed through the necessary steps to have achieved the Awakened title.

These are not lay people; they are considered members of the Temple.


Thinkers have progressed a little in their training, they have achieved the second pillar (Meditation) but have no temporal authority within the Temple.


Leaders are the heads of an individual Temple of the Mind. They will have achieved at least the third pillar (Discussion) and will be responsible for leading/initiating regular philosophical debates within their Temple.

Speakers have the same responsibilities as Leaders (see above), but without having their own Temple of the Mind to look after. They either wander the Empire of the Dwarves, teaching others in the ways of the Temple, or they live at a Temple of the Mind (under the authority of the local Leader), assisting there as needed.

Most Leaders/Speakers have at least a little psionic ability. They are not considered truly Awakened unless they have achieved the fifth pillar.


Orators are the regional administrators of the Temple of the Mind. They are usually based in cities where they have access to several local Temples, however they are often travelling between all of the Temples beneath their care giving assistance and guidance where needed. Their role is highly administrative (such as seeing to the dispersal of Temple funds to those that need them, making sure each Temple has an adequate library, funding the copying of new texts) and so they often find no time for the furthering of their own personal journey. Orators have all achieved at least the fourth pillar (Reflection).

Seers, within the Temple of the Mind, have the same rank as Orators but hold none of the administrative responsibilities. Frequently people change between being Seers and Orators, and this is acceptable (as long as there is someone to see to the administrative running of the Temple). Seers are expected to spend a great deal of time seeking inner knowledge. They are also expected to make themselves available to other adherents to the teachings of the Temple of the Mind, to offer advice for self improvement and the like.

Orators/Seers are all psionically skilled. Most have achieved the fifth pillar and are thus considered Awakened.

High Seer

High Seers are the Awakened. They have achieved not only the fifth pillar, but they have also revealed the hidden sixth pillar that all true adherents strive for: Enlightening. High Seers experience life differently than other people: they see more, hear more and understand more than those who have not progressed as far as they have in their training. Some High Seers choose to travel the land, teaching as they go and sharing their understandings freely, while others choose to make a specific Temple of the Mind their home, sharing their understandings with all of those who come seeking them.

All High Seers have strong psionic ability, honed with years of practice and mental exercises.

At present there are five High Seers in the Empire of the Dwarves.

Overall Leadership

There is no one true “leader” of the Temple of the Mind. The High Seers theoretically have authority over all other followers of the Way of the Temple of the Mind, but most people would be more likely to accede to the wishes of the local Leader or Orator rather than some High Seer they’ve never heard of.


If any follower of the Temple of the Mind, in particular any follower of the Way of the Temple of the Mind, is ever found to have seriously breached the ideals of the Temple, any Orator, Seer or High Seer can expel the person from the Temple of the Mind. Such an action has only ever happened rarely (the most famous, and recent, being the expulsion of Speaker Lenarr Frostblood, who was found to have destroyed priceless manuscripts that held truths he did not care for; his blatant disregard for the truth and for personal development had meant he was summarily expelled from the Temple some 70 years ago).

The Five Pillars of The Temple of the Mind

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Temple of the Mind

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